Hike through Utah's Canyons this summer with the Dragontail Collection

Here at Garmont, we took the time to find you the best spots to jump start the summer season so you don’t have to! 


Summer is now in full swing, which means more opportunity for great hikes throughout the mountains and canyons of the mid-west. Here at Garmont, we took the time to find you the best spots to jump start the summer season so you don’t have to! 

Here we have listed these spots, perfect for breaking in the latest addition to our collection and the shoe of the summer: the Dragontail..   




Before we set out on our adventure through the canyons, an education session! 

For these hiking locations, we recommend our newest most versatile shoe, the Dragontail

Why you may ask? 

We have meticulously designed the GTF-Diamante sole internally to ensure the comfort, safety and durability to get you through your adventure. This sole combines all of the characteristics essential for approach, all while delivering a high level of comfort for the longest of hikes. When hiking in new places, you only want the best performance and that is just what this sole delivers; high performance supported by a technical and grippy outsole. For some details, the wedge shaped lugs that you will notice on your  pair of Dragontails are directionally placed to increase traction going both up and down hills or during ascents and descents. Featuring a toe area designed with a built in climbing zone, you will have enhanced control and stability. Comfort of course is the most important part, and with the bi-density EVA midsole found on the Diamante sole of the Dragontail, you’ll have a powerful stride and reduced fatigue throughout the entire hike. 

At Garmont we want you to stay wild, and with these technologies, our Dragontail shoes will have you powering through the trek like a pro.   



Located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, American Fork Canyon is the first on our checklist for spots you need to hike this season. 

Known for its rock climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, and biking, it is the perfect place to try out our Dragontail boot, optimal for on and off trail activities and leisure hiking at a park like this! 

You can access the park from State Route 92, known officially as the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. Following this route, you will find yourself coming up to the Alpine Loop summit, where you can head down the east side of Mount Timpanogos after, ending up at Provo Canyon in the south area, where other surprises can be found. One of these surprises is the well known Timpanogos Cave National Monument, a perfect pit stop on your hike to capture the thrill of caving.   



Next stop on our summer Canyon tour, Little Cottonwood Canyon, located not far from our last stop, in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest just a few miles from the well known town of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

With plenty of places to stay in Salt Lake City, be sure to pack those Dragontail boots for the ultimate city-scape and terrain all around boots for all of the activities you can do in this area. With access to the canyon through State Route 210, you will find a very rich diversity for hiking so close to urban areas. 

400 foot Granite cliffs fill the canyon, a climbers paradise, aside from the famed wildflowers that sprinkle the Albion Basin, located at the top of the canyon. Snowbird Ski Resort is the key resort in the area, providing plenty of both summer and winter recreational activities.   



Another Canyon we explored for your summer activity schedule is Maple Canyon, also in the Utah area. 

Further away from Salt Lake City, head east on highway 132 to the quaint little town of Fountain Green to enter. 

The canyon is covered with cobblestone cliffs perfect for climbing, hence its nickname for activities in the area “cobble climbing”. The main hiking trail of this canyon is the Loop Trail, starting at the main campground and leading to the Arch, a unique rock formation perfect for a photo. In addition, dogs are welcome on the trails here, which are optimal for hiking as they stay relatively dry year round.   


At this point, we hope you have begun booking your trip to Utah, and if you haven’t yet, exploring the different colors and styles of our Dragontail collection to pack for your adventure! 

Make this summer one to remember with the incredible views and thrilling activities we have planned for you at these breathtaking canyon locations!